“I’m realizing that in other bodywork sessions I just check out mentally. I appreciate the invitation to stay present–to feel what’s happening in my body…In my shoulders, I felt release that was at least as powerful as what I’ve felt with ‘Deep Tissue’ work.”

– 50 year-old woman with back pain related to lumbar disc issues


“[Evan’s] calm, confident presence was my favorite part of the treatment–the treatment and the practitioner fit very well together. Evan’s ‘presence’ in his hands does a lot to encourage my own presence in my body…It’s a healing experience to have someone hold your body with such attentiveness.

“This work matches well my own exploration of my body, especially regarding the role of my mind in how it feels to be in my body. And in how healing in mind and body are inseparable. It helps me to listen to my body’s wisdom.”

– 30 year-old athlete and social worker


“Through Evan’s ability to skillfully guide me in the process of feeling and listening to my body, I was able to connect to my innate abilities to soften, connect to and begin healing sore and injured parts of my body. What was even more exciting was how Evan taught me to engage the energy of love as part of my body awareness. The whole experience was relaxing and therapeutic. The session elicited not only memories but actual healing vibrations from the most deeply energetic moments of my entire life. Most valuable is the understanding that the journey Evan guides you on can be taken again by oneself at any future moment. He is both a practitioner but also a powerful enabler.”

– Yogi, para-athlete, and father of two


“My favorite part of treatment was [Evan’s] personality and his communication. I got to know my body better. He helped me to realize the causes of some back and shoulder pain. We had a complete breathing section that helped me realize there is a connection between my breathing and pain in my back. It was an amazing experience.”

– 33 year-old man, after 6 treatment sessions working with persistent pain and numbness related to his work as a bus driver